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W4r2 first run outside 😁

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Soooooo chuffed... after debating if it would be good or not so good...i ditched the treadmill and did my first outdoor run today. It was great... time flew by, it was much cooler then in the gym, it felt happier to do. In fact the last 5 minute run, I was in such focus I carried on running for a full 9.5 minutes.... feel fab... sooooo pleased. Dis my cool down and lots stretching afterwards.

I will mix between the gym treadmill (as I go to support my daughter) and the outside runs...

Feeling good.... bring it on 😁😁😁

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Fantastic SarahOReilly! It's brilliant that you know you can switch it up to suit yourself. Well done! ❀️


I've done the whole thing outside as I'm in the countryside and I take my dog with me... all I can say is I think distraction is the key to my still being here at the end of week 8! I run early in the morning, and there's always loads of wildlife about too, added bonus. Happy running :)


Well done!


Well done, it's a great feeling running outdoors and good to know you have the treadmill option too.

It's very easy to get carried away with ourselves at these early stages and to do more than we need too, but please do be careful. The plan is designed to get you to the 30 minute continuous running stage safely.

It's worth reading some of the posts about doing too much too soon. Our bodies need time to adjust in order to keep us free from injury.

It truly is fantastic that you've come so far and are loving this as much as the rest of us. Keep it up, feel proud and happy running.


Huge well done you!

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