Couch to 5K

Soft shoe shuffle in speed!!

Just had a go at the Speed post 5k podcast. It's a series of intervals with six one minute bursts followed by one minute slower running. Laura's description of it sounded bad enough but as I'd been spotted by our local neighbourhood watch (!) I hadn't the face to turn in my heel and go back inside! Memories of week one c25k, as the third burst went on for ever and I thought I'll never be able to do three more! Bloody Nora! however I did it all and was very pleased with myself. Doing the five minute cool down walk, I thought I could probably have continued to run during this. The session is not so much running (about 16 mins) but it is harder work obviously.

I found how to get my Fitbit to tell me how fast I was going last week. I don't seem to have got it right this week, can't remember what I did. I'm such a loser! My girls get so impatient with me! So I'm going to spend the rest of the day puzzling that one out and then try and remember what I did!!

Getting the papers this morning I saw several runners of about my ability round and about. Often wonder if any of them are on this forum!

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It's brilliant isn't it..??

I really liked the Speed podcast...I started with Stepping Stone.. three runs in a week, then Speed, three runs in a week..I was about to start the Stamina one.. when I got bronchitis!

Hope to be up and running by the end of next week.. gonna start with some very gentle walks and jogs , then move up to where I was, slowly and steadily, (well I am knocking on a bit! ) I have so missed the running..!

Go you...and tell your girls.. at least you are out there and doing it..! :)


Oh poor you! Bronchitis lingers doesn't it? Yes I really like the speed podcast and am tempted to shell out for some audio fuel playlist interval type thing. Don't know which one though.

Look after yourself and get back on top. If winter be here, can spring be so far behind? As the poet once asked!

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I've started these as well. I've done the stepping stones one and the speed one twice. I'm trying to incorporate it once a week into my weekly runs. I did carry on a gentle jog to the end of my track when it finished. its great. I love the 1234 counting idea to get the speed. I'm a slow runner generally so it helps to feel a difference in pace.

I always pat my knees, legs and heart afterwards to say "well done" 🌞


Yes I like the way we get counted in as well. Really helps.


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