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Evening all

Week 3 run 3 due tomorrow and always look forward to the challenge. However I have had left knee pain all day today presumably after last nights run. I have in the past suffered from knee pain ( un explained as I am new to this exercising malarkey!)

I am now wondering if I should give tomorrow a rest, at the time of the run yesterday I felt ok legs were a bit heavy but put that down to run 1 earlier in the week. I really want to go for it but don't want to damage my knees!

Advice anyone please?


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Hi - I know just how you feel: I've just completed W9R3 and have had knee pain on & off throughout. GP has referred me for physio, which I'm hoping will help, so I'd definitely suggest getting an appointment to set that ball rolling. In the meantime, have been trying some ITB stretches that I found online, which seem to help (at least when I remember to do them). That's for pain at the outside of the knee cap: is that where yours is too?


Morning and thanks for your reply. Wihout appearing too dumb please can I ask what an ITB stretch is?

My pain is on the inner part of the knee which is where I have had issues before ( again not caused by exercise) and ended up having both acupuncture and physio. Not sure either were particularly effective and it just got better with time.


Hi. ITB is the iliotibial band: a muscle that runs up the outside of your thigh. If it's tight it can cause knee pain. If you Google 'ITB stretches' you'd find lots of exercises.

But that's usually to do with pain on the outer part of the knee - as yours is the inner part it sounds like something different. You could try some general knee-strengthening exercises: the couch to 5k site has some (

I've also found it useful to run with tubigrip supports on my knees.

Good luck - hope it improves.

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Thank you. I have a knee support so may give it a whirl with that on.....will look at the link for the exercises


Mummy brummy, I'd take an extra rest day, I did that last week because my knees were aching, the next run was amazing and pain free, trust your body to tell you when it's too much, aching is OK, fatigue is OK, pain is a warning, good luck.

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Thanks, you're probably right, its just that I am in the zone with my Monday Wednesday Friday runs! Dont want to spoil it in the long term tho. Maybe I wil dust off the exercise bike and do that tonight if I dont feel up to the run.


After all that I went and did it, took my time and all good ☺


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