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W7R2 Run tonight & other stuff


I wrote a nice long post last week and just as I was about to submit it, the page froze and my machine crashed losing my words. I did not feel like rehashing everything I'd written so this post is a mix of it all.

25 minute runs are not as terrifying as I expected them to be. I was most worried about my first 20 minute run in week 5. I'd be watching something on tv and realize that the entire programme was the length of my run and I really psyched myself out. But the 20 minute was fine so when I had to up it to 25 minutes I wasn't worried.

I ran w7r1 on Tuesday and I had more energy than w6r3. Just when I thought "Hey this isn't bad. Maybe I'll continue on to 28 minutes," I got a niggle in my ankle. No problem I'd just run through it. Then it got worse and I was running super wonky. I made it to the 25 minutes but as soon as I started walking again my ankle felt fine and it hasn't hurt since!

I've been running on the treadmill for awhile and I must be the only person who actually likes it. Running outside with the sun and without the freezing English weather (I'm from Florida!) is great, but right now I feel more comfortable in the warm gym on the treadmill. I find I use my running time on the treadmill to think through things or plan my diary. When I'm running outside I'm thinking about which way I'm going and I'm constantly scanning the ground for things I could slip on.

I know running on a treadmill is different than running outside, but I try and do both so I'm aware of adjustments I need to make. I run faster when I'm outside and get tired too soon so being on the treadmill has taught me what pace I'm comfortable with. So bring on the rest of week 7 and then it will be no time until week 9!

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Great post! You've made it work for you x


WEll done on getting thus far. Week 6 is hardest so now you're batting downhill. Hopefully you can set cruise control to take you to week 9. Just go nice and steady and you'll be at Graduation before you know it.

My son's girlfriend has just arrived from the US (also from Florida) and she too is feeling it. It's not that bad though, and once you get outside and jogging you quickly warm up.

sulandersonGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks misswobble! I've been in the UK for 8 years and I'm still not entirely adapted :)

I've only been doing this since October. It sounds like fun running in the sun I'm looking forward to that shiny yellow ball in the sky. The programme is amazing though isn't it. Could you seriously imagine running for the whole of an episode of coronation street before now. I hope you get your new running clothes from your other half now.

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