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Bike riding

Just been out for my longest bike ride so far since getting back on my bike despite my unfortunate incident on bank holiday monday when I lost my balance trying to get on the bike and fell sideways down the side of the shed!

I cycled for just over 27mins and covered 2.45 miles think I will need padded shorts for any longer than 30mins. Hopefully by wednesday 26th june I will be ready for the first bike session of a block of 1 hr sessions of swim run and bike (2 sessions of each) although I miss the first one (a swim session) as I am on holiday.

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Welcome to the bike falling-off-whilst-stationary club. My wife is the president.

Keep up the riding. The exercise is so good and you get to see some wonderful countryside/villages/towns etc. I agree that padded shorts area must. I never ride without them, but I must admit that I do wear something under them though. It is suggested that you don't, but I can't face that!

May I ask what sort of bike you have? Mountain, road, hybrid etc? I am fairly familiar with bikes and would be very happy to give any advice in any way.


Oh my goodness, are you preparing for a triathlon, or just aiming for all over fitness? Am most impressed, wish there was a course like that over my way. Lots of luck with it all...I'm sure you'll get used to the bike saddle eventually ;)


I hope to try a triathlon but it depends where there is one locally as I dont drive so would have to get someone to take me there and back. If I dont I have not lost anything as I will have improved hopefully in all three disciplines.


Well done. I find you do get used to the saddle after a while and get a lovely toned behind :)

Having said that, my daily cycle commute has just doubled to 15K each way and I'm feeling that again ;)


I'm just back from a bike ride as well! I promised my son we'd ride out to a pub last week during half term, have lunch and ride back. The weather was naff last week so we didn't make it, but no college on Fridays meant we could go today. Just under 9k there, just over 5k back, on the way back stuffed with steak and kidney pie, mash and red cabbage, yummy! Well worth the ride!!! Unfortunately it started raining just before we got to the pub!

(And while we were riding up the lanes I was checking out footpaths and bridle paths along the way as possible running routes!)


Have a look at SKY RIDE, they offer great guided bike rides (and it is all free), it is a good way to meet other cyclists who are not all professional and just like riding.

I am going to buy some padded shorts too :-D


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