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Back to the couch

Thought I was doing really well last night completing run 3 of week 1 and was really looking forward to cracking on with week 2 on Thursday.

And then I twisted my knee on the stairs at the tube on the way home. Paramedic didn't think there's any lasting damage as I can move it (although slowly and painfully) so sent me home in a taxi with instructions to go to a+e today if I felt I needed it (I have a bit of a history with my knee so he was confident that I know what is worth going to hospital with and what isn't.)

Woken up this morning and I'm concerned about how it's moving (or not really moving as the case may be) so heading to a+e shortly but it looks like it's back to the couch to recover for me 😩

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Such a shame. Hope you can get back onto the C25K as soon as you've recovered. Don't give up.


Oh no. I'm sorry, I hope it heals really fast. With things like this, if you can ask when you can run again while your with the doc. I can guarantee you will want an answer to that question in the future and it's so much better to have a proper opinion and something to be working towards. Docs are very good at giving you Information to get you back on your feet afterwards. Happy healing.


Thanks, that's some pretty good advice actually. Just waiting for an X-ray to see if I've done any serious damage. Fingers crossed I'll be back on my feet soon though!

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Been put on crutches for 2 weeks. Apparently I've pulled my MCL but the doctor didn't think it's too bad so said I should be able to run again in 3 weeks.

Never thought I'd be looking forward to getting back to running!


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