Limited use for a Deaf Person

I have completed the couch to 5k, great app, helped me to get fit, and thoroughly enjoyed all 9 weeks! I have a few friends that are Profoundly Deaf and would love to follow the plan, its such a shame that the app doesnt have a vibrate mode to let you know when to run when to walk, someone missed something here is the design of the app.........

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  • It is a shame! I think some running watches like garmin beep and also vibrate and you can program custom runs into them I believe? Other than that just setting timers on a phone is probably the way round it, but it would be quite fiddly!

  • To be honest, I didn't use the podcasts at all as I prefer to listen to the countryside as I live in deepest Devon! I took a stopwatch out with me and used that for the intervals; it's not difficult to remember each session or your friends could write each one on their hands (with non-permanent ink!!) as they go out. :-)

  • Food for thought there.. well done you anyway!!!!! I think my old ipod had a programme on it that vibrated with timings... but not sure..!

  • My Garmin 220 can be programmed for intervals and vibrates as well as bleeps - perhaps something like that?

  • I have the same Garmin as Ully which would be ideal with the vibration capability.

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