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Should I still do the London Winter run whilst injured?

Hi all. I completed C25K in August and have been training for my first 10k. I even ran one 10k while out on my own. I signed up for the Cancer Research UK winter run for the end of Jan in London. Since signing up I've got my first running injury. I'm having issues with glute weakness which is impacting on my knee. I'm been going to physio and chiropractor for a few weeks. They have told me to drop my mileage right down and also I had 10 days off running. My physio said I shouldn't run the 10k. A couple days back I did a 6 1/2 K run /walk, probably 50/50 run /walk.... I felt good afterwards and my injury is improving...... So what to you think if I do a half walk half run for 10k? I would hate to be last and will be disappointed as my goal was always to run the full thing.... Do you think it's better to just pass on it or duck it up and try to enjoy it as much as possible as I've paid? Thank you

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Oh me too ! I was injured in October and have been have had 6 weeks off with Physio since. I have just started very short runs again 10-15 mins at a time and have been told not to do the LWR. I was going to go and spectate anyway. If you want a slow run/walk companion at the back.....

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Hello Both

Good luck with the LWR. I was hoping to take part but for various reasons I don't think I will be able to now. I may do something closer to home in a few months.

I am no expert and only you know how you feel when walking/running since your injury. If you do run, take good care of yourselves bearing in mind the advice from your physio/chiropractor.

Good luck to anyone else taking part in the LWR. I look forward to reading future posts about the event.


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