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Yesterday was my first anniversary of starting Couch to 5k. I decided to start after spending a few weeks contemplating my then decreasing level of fitness and activity and deciding "something had to be done". At first, it was not a publicly declared resolution because I really feared I wouldn't be able to do it or wouldn't have the time, but I made the important decision that I only had to commit to it one run at a time. At first I crept around in the dark because I was too embarrassed to be seen and told no one but close family. But the rest, as they say, is history.

For anyone thinking about it - give it a try. You have nothing to lose except the risk of developing an addiction to expensive hi-tech clothing. And lots to gain - fitness, energy, better sleep, better mood, the ability to wear clothes you put aside because they were too small.... For me, it reconnected me with other sporting activity I had lost the energy to do - country walks, swimming - and gave me a basic level of stamina that makes the rest of my life easier. It's reduced my blood pressure, my weight and just about every measurement except for my calves, which have got bigger. It has led to my husband starting running again and to social possibilities built around a new joint interest.

It's probably customary to thank Laura but I have to say I didn't get on with doing it that way. I have never got on with in-ear headphones and I prefer to be fully aware of my surroundings whilst running. My way was based on putting the timings into run keeper and sticking my phone in my pocket where I could hear it tell me when I had to start the next interval. Whatever works for you is of course the best way to do it.

For 2016 I have no great plan other than to keep on running. Happy new year all.

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Congratulations. It has been lovely reading your progress on here. I've particularly enjoyed the reports of the bracing seafront parkruns!!!! Wishing you another happy year of running ☺


Brilliant post Cods !

Happy Runniversary to you and here's to many more ! :-) xxx


fantastic story keep it up!!


Interesting about the earphones. I felt really rebellious about them, worried about missing out on the joy of the outdoors, the birdsong etc. Really petulant (there had to be a certain amount of "Well chum, you got fat, you have to make some compromises to get unfat") But one earphone has been fine (although these days I often run without and just have Runkeeper Woman marking off the 5 minutes and kilometres). Yet my son (and not the one with auditory processing disorders) cannot stand to have just one earphone in for anything, says he finds it really disorientating.

It is always wonderful to see people progressing through the programme and graduating because no-one can taken that achievement away from you even if you never run again. But even better to read about continued running, using the gift you have given yourself. Happy Runniversary!


I really like music and tried for a while to run with in ear earphones, but I just find them so uncomfortable. If I use earphones at home it's my big padded Bose noise cancelling ones. You can't run with just one of those on. I mostly run on a big wide seafront promenade used by lots of runners and early morning walkers, so safety isn't really an issue. But being able to hear the waves crashing, the birdsong, and (as a slower runner) being aware of people approaching from behind, all matter to me. I am also probably too much of a do it my own way person to have put up with Laura anyway! Runkeeper woman is fairly irritating though!


Once upon a time I would not have tolerated Laura. That's one of the things C25K gave me - sometimes you just have to shut the **** up and do as you are told!

At the moment I am very disorganised and I have my phone in my dog treat bag and no earphones so I have Runkeeper woman broadcasting my speed or lack of it to the world...


Cool 😁 Happy Runniversary!!

I managed to complete to C25K programme on my 1st Transplantiversary (kidney & pancreas) which made me feel awesome!!

I've taken a break over Christmas but will start again today, going to try the 10K one next. Park runs sound fun so might try a couple of those (any hints/tips gratefully received)!!

Lol, my running buddy & I used to have Laura on loudspeaker in my pocket!! Made a few people jump hearing her telling them they can slow down or time to run 😉 Who can refuse Laura and her polite, dulcet tones!!

Keep it up Coddfish you're an inspiration & love reading your posts X ,


Thank you


Hello from the Isle of Wight :) I love running alone the seafront - lucky aren't we!!

Just posting as your comment about the headphones made me laugh. I am one of those saddos that ruin my beautiful surroundings by the need for very very loud hard core techno pumping in my ears to keep me going, but as long as it keeps me going!!

Just completed W5 :)


Good luck with the programme. Not sure which bit of IOW seafront you are using but if you can see Southsea from where you are, give me a metaphorical wave. I will be the one without the earphones.


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