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5K .... tick


Set out this morning to do the usual 30 minute session but nearing the end I realised this was the last day of 2015 and had a Forrest Gump moment. I kept on running and completed my first 5k in 40:13. Am so chuffed to end the year on a high. To all of you just starting on C25K, keep at it, it is so worth it to have moments like these.

So my first challenge of 2016 will be to gradually increase to 10k and maybe (just maybe) enter the Lincoln 10k in April (keep looking at the website and wondering if I will be ready for 10k by then).

Happy new year to everyone!

Sandra xx

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Sandy I'm doing Lincoln 10k with my RC. Do it. We could meet up before or after.

Sandra55Graduate in reply to Rlear

Done it :) will be good to meet for a c25k photocall. Might be best before the race as I suspect you will finish way before me.


Is Lincoln your local town? Do you do Lincoln Parkrun? There are a few Running Clubs in Lincoln if you're interested. I go to Sleaford as it's slightly nearer than Lincoln for me. Although I have met folks from Lincoln District Runners, they seem nice too. I'm planning to do Woodhall 10k, Bourne Woods 10k, Gainsborough 10k and Market Rasen 10k if you fancy any of these!

Sandra55Graduate in reply to Rlear

Wow, you have a lot of events lined up. I live in Sleaford so must be quite close to you. I have got my parkrun barcode but haven't managed to get to one yet, Saturday mornings are tricky for me, but will get to one as soon as I am able, think Boston would be closest or Belton house.


Wow! That is the best way to do it, I did the same. Wait for a good run and just go a bit further! I graduated 13 weeks ago now, started with 30 min runs, then 5k and I have just done 2 X 10k runs. I just see how my legs are on a run and what they recover like and then have edged up the distance. No injury so far and when I go out I a,ways say to myself I can stop at 30 minutes, then again at 5k but most of the time I keep going because I know I am feeling great. Well done, 5k is a decent distance, always a challenge and a good first time. I have found my speed has increased naturally as my stamina improves

Sandra55Graduate in reply to JoolieB1

Thanks joolie, think I will keep doing 2 x 30 mins a week and increase my 5 k by a half k a week until I get to 10 k


Hooray - well done. Achieving that 5k feels just great doesn't it!

Congratulations ☺☺☺☺☺

Sandra55Graduate in reply to goonkeepgoing

Thank you :)


Yay! Well done Sandy, what a way to finish the year off. Lincoln 10k - go for it, you have time to get ready x :-)

Sandra55Graduate in reply to no-excuse

Thank you. Entered it :) feeling nervous already lol


Well done Sandra! A great Finish to the year! HNY..

Sandra55Graduate in reply to davelinks

Thanks Dave. HNY to you too.

Well done Sandy!! A great way to end the year and definitely enter the 10k race! Happy new year 😊

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