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Week 7 and liking it. Feeling that week 9 is within grasp now. How do I contact the mods on here, does anyone know?

I'd like to request a pinned post where we can post suggestions for music to run to since a lot of us will be trying to make our own downloads to get some variety into it. Would be good to know what works for other people. Sometimes you just don't think of songs even though you know them. Any chance of it powers that be?

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Sounds like a good plan! I put together a Spotify playlist to use once I got through to the longer runs

I was powering along today to 'we didn't start the fire', 'living on a prayer' and 'shut up and dance'


Oh and I always run a but faster when 'uptown girl' comes on, it's just so darn boppy


They are all excellent banana! I'll make a new post with a title about music/songs for running and put those suggestions down I think they are great. I knew the songs of course but they just didn't occur to me and maybe it is the same for a lot of us when we try and put a playlist together.


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