Week 6. We can do this folks- even if it doesn't feel like it

As warned by the lovely voices of experience on here, I did not enjoy w6r1. So glad I was warned in advance or I would have been really fed up with myself. Feels like I never ran 20 mins at all now but I did so I'm hanging on to that. I was really bad tempered during the run and kept thinking, oh come on let's get this OVER with! Wow, walkers beware. If you see a woman with bright pink nikes moving very slowly, give her a wide berth!


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14 Replies

  • Week6 does seem to be a hurdle for a lot of people. Most of it is mental though. Keep your pace slow and keep telling yourself that you can do it and you will do it!

  • Absolutely! Slow and dogged. That's the way to do it. The slowness is key. It gets you to the end without flaring and ending up knackered and coming up short.

  • Couldn't let lovely Laura down. Going out there with a determinedly positive attitude tomorrow, maybe even a smile

  • Thanks Simon. Run2 tomorrow. I'm going to try out a new route to keep it exciting!

  • I did my w6r1 last night too, and it was not pretty. I was ready to heave my insides out at the end of the 8 minute run and had little to no hope for the last 5 minutes. Don't know if it was the same for you but even though I got through it all there was none of the euphoria of W5R3 at the end.

    Well done on getting through it, its all a part of the process! Must trust Laura. Bring it on run 2!

  • Hiya Fel, felt like I had wooden legs and I was just dragging them about with me. I'd been expecting it to be such a doddle but it definitely wasn't! You have really got self discipline seeing it through last night. You know we can do this.

    I ran Monday, usually run M, Th, Sat but since I have a fitness course Fridays which involves jigging about non-stop for an hour, I'm not really resting properly between runs. I've been thinking I should change it and go M,W, Sat.

    If laziness doesn't get the best of me, might do r2 tonight then. Weird thing is much as I didn't enjoy the last run, I actually feel like I want to go for a run today. Brain is a strange thing. We are moving on and we are definitely getting to week 7. When's your next run?

  • That's how I am feeling - just done a post about re-sitting week 6. Did the second and third run get any easier?

  • Oh I definitely posted how W6R1 bit me, too! It is all part of The Plan though- and by the end of the week you'll be running for 25 minutes and possibly enjoying some of it, as well! :)

  • Thanks rainshine. I did r2 last night and that was much better. Maybe it was just one of those days. I also usually eat after my run in the evenings and maybe I was a bit tired and hungry when I went out. Last night I ate a couple of slices of cold meat before going out, not sure if that made a difference.

  • It will get better, honest!

  • Thanks Ully for your support. Did my r2 and liked it much better. Had just come back from a long cycle ride Monday when I went for r1. Maybe I needed more rest and something small to eat before going for my run.

  • Decided I needed to change my running schedule since I was running Th and Sat with a fitness course on Fr and no real rest between those runs. So moved r2 forward and did it last night.

    WELL WA-HOO I sort of enjoyed it :) Plodded through the first 10 mins but came into my stride on the second one. Before I knew it, Laura was telling me I had done 5 mins. I had ignored her suggestion to go faster for the second run. Eh what?! But first time ever I speeded up for the last 60 seconds.


  • Being annoyed really helps! I was waiting all morning for someone who didn't show up to collect some stuff and you know how you can't settle to anything properly til they've gone? Eventually I thought, well, tough tough. It'll be dark soon, so spitting feathers I set off on w9r2 and was half way round before I knew what I was doing! and I went about fifty yards further too!

  • The force was with you!

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