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Stuck on week 3

I was doing so well on week 3 until I got a nasty viral infection and was off for 2 weeks. I tried to do run 3 and couldn't manage it so tried to do week 2 could hardly manage that so think I'm jus gonna start again. I've still got some issues with nausea and dizziness for the viral infection which is frustrating as I was really loving the running

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You obviously are not fully recovered. Don't worry. Rest, get 100% well and you will be flying. Try redoing week 1 one day, week 2 another and back to week 3 on the third.


nhs2015 is absolutely right. You don't sound like you're fully recovered yet. Give yourself time to get properly well again and then ease yourself back into running when you're strong enough. Going back to w1 is a brilliant idea. There's no law that says you have to finish the programme in exactly 9 weeks and, if you find w1 too easy, just run a bit faster. That way you're working on both your stamina and your speed. Good luck, hope you're feeling 100% again very soon :)


Doesn't sound like yr stuck, you've just been ill! Repeat when yr 100% well and you'll soon be progressing again.


The first time I tried C25K I only made it as far as week 3 and I can't blame illness. This time round I told myself it didn't matter how long it took me to do it or how many times I had to repeat a week so long as I achieved the end goal eventually. Don't push yourself so hard that it's unachievable and def get yourself 100% well before resuming running. I hope you feel better soon x

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