New shoe porn being fairly accepted on here now, I felt it fell to me to up the ante with a threesome.

Not entirely sure how this happened actually.

Luckily, it being pre Xmas season and so on, when my wife took delivery of teh huge parcel this little lot came in while I was out earlier, she did not open it, merely asked what was inside when I got home.

"Ah", I said, "I don't think I should tell you that..."

She went off in a very good mood, bestowing smiles upon me. I think she may be under the misapprehension that the parcel contained Christmas presents for her.

In even better good luck today is recycling day so the evidence - I mean boxes can be disposed of discreetly.

Just need to unobtrusively integrate them into general circulation now. Shouldn't be difficult. It's not as though they stand out or anything.

Oh. Wait...


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31 Replies

  • You will of course have to buy your wife a very big present now, or she will be very disappointed - not to mention very suspicious about what was actually in the big parcel.

  • Fortunately I have already bought her a pair of Camper boots and a pair of riding boots, which came in pretty substantial boxes. They will be suitable subterfuge.

  • Good gifts Rig, I think you'll be ok.

  • Goodness - yes - remember that tearjerking scene in Love Actually when Emma Thompson didn't get the necklace but Joanie Mitchell instead? I still can't listen to that song .... !

  • Aw yes that was awful- gets me every time! x :-(

  • funnily enough Mrs R and i are in the collage of snogging couples at the end of that film. It was just after we very first got together and she went on holiday a few days later and it was all a bit 'this is never going to work', and while she was away I resolved that I was going to take the chance etc and went and met her at the airport when she came back, and it turned out she had been thinking the same thing & we had a huge snogfest reunion there and then, and as we finally came up for air there were these people with a camera crew, who I had assumed were a newsteam waiting for someone famous, asking if we would sign a release form to allow our kiss to be used in a film etc...

    and there it was. And we've been together ever since.

    And Mrs R will always get the necklace in my film.

  • Aw! That has just given me goosebumps and a lump in my throat. I love the airport arrivals, that gets me every time too! So you 'are' famous Rig x 😊

  • Ahhhhh that is SO romantic , that made me well up ! Hey, I hope you got a free copy of the film ! ( Ha ha, that's my Yorkshire roots coming out ! )

    Cor, what a story to tell your kids/grandkids ! Fab ! :-) xxx

  • Oh wow, I love that film and am definitely due a re-watch.. It's been a fee months!

    And ahem, those shoes are pretty spesh.. And vivid! 😀

  • OMG gorgeous and in fabulous nasturtium - themed autumnal shades as well- lovely!!!

    I feel a sudden urge to shop...

    SportsDirect have a one day offer on Salomon trail shoes...

  • You really shouldn't have told me that, rain shine!! You can't really say no to a pair of Salomon trail shoes for £16!!!!

  • Oh WHAT?!! That's ridiculously bargainous!

  • Haha! I didn't get any in the end- but I will be delighted if someone found a pair they are happy with at that price- fantastic :)

  • Ha ha Oh Rig !!!

    That cat and dog of yours are soo generous ! :-)

    Oh you will have to buy Mrs Rig something really nice now :-D xxx

  • Quick, apply mud onto them and no one will notice!

  • One thing for it- go out and do 3 consecutive dirty trail runs, returning each time to change shoes


    Order Mrs Rignold something rather lovely in a similar sized package and have it delivered to work

    Upping the ante to a threesome will always reap consequences ;)

  • I advise putting them in the back of the cupboard for a couple of weeks and when you next wear them, if there are any comments, say "What? These old things? I've had them for ages..." Apparently it works with clothes, so my sister-in-law tells me, so why not for shoes.

  • Hahaha you're a wicked wicked man, Rig. Think the suggestion of getting them dirty as quickly as possible is probably a good one. Just make sure you wrap Mrs Rig's prezzie really beautifully and then leave it 'hidden' somewhere obvious, then she'll never suspect a thing...... ;)

  • They will literally glow in a dark room, no way u can hide them, fantastic treat though. We all understand you needed them for health development

  • What sort of man loves his feet more than his wife?

  • I would point out that all three pairs of these cost less than one of the pairs of boots bought for Mrs R as mentioned previously.

  • Ha ha 😀 lovely shoes. Get mucky asap!

  • No I've never understood how this kind of thing happens either!!

  • I now have a pair of trainers for every two years of my life.

    Which, given my age, is really, um... almost enough. Although I have fingers crossed for a Black Friday deal on Hoka One Ones tomorrow.

  • Hey Rig, did you do a review on your new watch ? Have I missed it ? xxx

  • Love those Rig! Go rub 'em in the mud x :-)

  • You better make sure you get some good presents for her so you can keep up he pretense :-)

  • You are SO naughty....

  • Luckily my husband never notices any of my new purchases, or if he does, he never says anything 😊

  • Just read the thread below, you are officially a great gift buyer, well done! Not sure you'll be able to hide your runners though, tiny bit obtrusive.....

  • I love it! Great post all round love that I'm not the only one that has at least two new pairs of runners in my closet! Love the story from the airport uber romantic !!!!! And LOVE the camper boots as a pressie she's a lucky lady!!!

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