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Knees again

I wrote a post yesterday but it seems to have evaporated, so I am trying again.

After a break of almost two weeks in a very warm location (good) with no opportunity for exercise (bad), last Friday I started to get back to where I was with a quite brief run of about 2k, prefaced by the required brisk walk. The outcome was sore knees, sore calves, and a sharp pain in my right thigh, especially when the leg was bent slightly. There has been a slight improvement since then, particularly during gentle exercise, but not enough for me to contemplate the parkrun this Saturday, which was my aim. The thigh pain still catches me out occasionally.

I thought I was approaching running after a rest in a sensible way but the outcome indicates that I wasn't. Where did I go wrong?

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Are your shoes OK with support, had the gait checked? And are you stretching correctly & enough afterwards? I also stretch just a wee bit before running just to limber up...but don't overdo it before running....


No, I haven't had a gait check (shoes bought when I was tentatively considering C25K in complete ignorance of what was necessary) but I went through the programme and a number of 5K runs without too much trouble. However, I haven't taken too much trouble with stretching. Thanks for your advice.


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