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Knees seem to feature frequently on this forum and I'd like to include mine in the discussion, particularly their maintenance. They've seen a bit of service but bone is not yet grinding on bone. On the way to graduation, I got used to a bit of sorenesss on the days between runs but generally they settled down nicely over the weekend. I had a bad period when I had run too far and particularly down a steep road, where I think impact caused the problem. Then an odd experience: last week I ran for 30 min. and found the next day the knees had had ball-bearings fitted and were perfect. After two days, however, when I spent a few hours at a desk and also drove the car for 80 miles or so, I found I had very sore knees. There is some improvement after a bike ride of no more than three miles today. Parkrun no. 2 may not be this Saturday, as planned. Is there a routine to maintain knees in good nick, excluding extreme exercises?

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I'm not in any way medically trained but I believe strongly that our bodies were made to move and when we don't move for long periods of time then that's what causes pain and problems. I can't sit for long as I start to get all kinds of aches so I know I've got to keep moving. Walking is a great low impact exercise you can do any time and on your rest days.

Make sure you have plenty of oily fish in your diet, do exercises to strengthen the area around the knees, try to run on softer surfaces like trail or forest rather than roads and stretch regularly. Maybe yoga or Pilates would help and you can do those at your own pace.

My husband has just had half a knee replaced so I've heard quite a lot about knees recently! And all the consultants and surgeon he saw said it was wear and tear caused by the sudden jerking movements from the squash and cricket he played when younger (he played loads of sport including running but they said that the running didn't cause the breakdown). So, no sudden stopping or changing direction when running Austen! And yes he could cycle days after the operation so cycling is good as is walking/running in the swimming pool but no breaststroke as that puts pressure on the knees.

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Thanks, that is good advice. I'm not very good at following exercise plans but walking and cycling are no problem. I've seen stories of knees being destroyed by running on hard surfaces but these are immediately refuted by experts in the field. Nevertheless, it seems sensible at least to wear well cushioned shoes.


Leg strengthening exercises. Work those quads and ITB band and glutes. gnore them at your peril. Squats, luges, calf raises, more squats.


Good advice there from Rig!

There's no need to overdo things but just keeping moving in general will help you. If you are injured you obviously have to rest up a bit til you're right but don't stop completely. You can still walk/cycle/swim or do some non-weight bearing exercise. Upper body stuff too

I hope you're feeling better soon and can get back out there. We all get niggles when we're new to running but they soon pass. Just don't go too fast. Nice and steady please

I take an Omega 3 fish oil capsule every day and eat plenty of mackerel and salmon etc to keep my joints greased.


I don't have problems with knees, but do find I seize up very quickly if I'm inactive for too long so I would say keep moving, little and often.


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