Pain and tears update from this morning

Thanks everyone for your support, all your lovely comments have made me smile but cry again. Anyway, the pain in my chest got quite bad so I was persuaded to take a trip to A&E. It seems I've cracked a rib and possibly broke my toe. The Doctor was lovely, and seemed impressed with my running achievements. You would have thought that my large lady lumps would have protected my rib cage though, there is no justice. I'm a little out of breath just climbing the stairs. I've been prescribed a cocktail of drugs, so I think I might be out for a week or two, but have decided not to quit. Mind those curbs everyone. Klare xxx


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30 Replies

  • Wow no wonder you cried! Hope you get better soon!!

  • Thanks KT. Just feeling sorry for myself

  • Wow, that's really tough. So glad you won't quit though: such bad luck.

    (I hope your son redeems himself with this news.)

  • Ha, can 15 year olds redeem themselves? It's his fault I started all this betting me I couldn't stop smoking and get fit.

  • ooh, a bit of motivational, no more dinners/tv/wifi til you grovel your apologies might work wonders ;)

  • oooo you poor thing...take care of yourself, and let your body heal...

  • Thanks Panther.

  • I hope your son feels suitably guilty. Get better soon xx

  • Thanks Piglet, I'll soon bounce back x

  • You poor thing - but you carried on running with a cracked rib! That's amazing. Take care - you are definitely allowed to self-medicate with a large glass of wine now.

  • Thanks Turbo, I'm trying a new experiment as I type, wine and cracked rib, feels good so far

  • Oooh, no wonder it hurt - how on earth did you manage to carry on? Take care of yourself and don't rush out there until your body has had a chance to mend - but we all know you aren't really going to give up are you? Addicted and proud like the rest of us!

  • No, I'm not a quitter Ully, just feeling sorry for myself with a large dose of embarrassment. I'll pick myself up and get back out there as soon as I can

  • Oh wow, and you finished 5k!? Amazing! Feet up and focus on getting back out there. Bet that showed your son! Take care and keep us updated x

  • Thanks Jen, keep focusing on those times. You're now running for both of us, as we have similar times

  • Will do! Wont let you down :)

  • When I have been ill/unable to run in the past few weeks, I printed all of my running blog posts, run info and pictures off and made myself a running journal in date order. I did it in the time I would have been running. It was a positive thing to do that reminded me it was ok to be out of action a little :) cost me £2 but I keep flicking through it and cheering myself up!

  • I pulled all my blogs together last week for an article for my employers live well work well website to encourage others, so I shall read them. Thanks for the advice

  • OMG! That fall was nasty.

    Glad you got yourself checked out and you're okay.

    It's great to read you've got that fighting spirit to continue.

  • Thanks Viktor, I will get back

  • Oh no! Paracetamols were definitely not enough then. It sounds pretty painful, take things easy. Maybe your 15 year old will help you out whilst you are on the mend. Treat yourself to a big glass of wine and some chocolate purely for medicinal purposes of course.

  • Following your advice on medication to the letter, plus movie with my husband and daughter who have been fabulous all day

  • So sorry Sending you big hugs Look after yourself

  • Thanks FF60, hugs received am feeling better, wine = no pain

  • Get well soon! and I'll keep watching for those pesky curbs ;)

  • Thank you, make sure you do keep an eye out. The one that got me just jumped up out of nowhere

  • Get well soon & take care

  • Thank you, I guess I've joined you on the sidelines cheering everyone else on for the time being

  • Ouch ouch ouch! What a trooper to carry with a cracked rib and damaged toe. Take care, plenty of rest and TLC - you'll soon be back XX

  • Thank you Saruma. To be fair it didn't hurt that much at the time. Adrenalin I guess

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