Couch to 5K

A lovely blustery run..🍂🏃🏻🍂!

Couldn't wait to get out for a run after work today and I finish nice and early on a Monday, so I t meant I could still get out off the beaten track and not get lost in the dark! Have really notice a strengthening in my legs the last few runs, and am finishing with 'gas in the tank' even though I am slowly stretching the distance beyond 5k. Just a beautiful blustery autumn day out there apart from a gust nearly blowing me over as I ran (not very nimbly) up the old embankment.

Returned home with a very satisfied feeling, followed by that runners high that makes you think everyone around you really needs to know what a fantastic run you had, how great running is...blah, blah, blah! Anyway, I 'm preaching to the converted here!

Happy running!😀

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Love it 😀 how fab to feel your legs strengthening and to get that high 😀💥😀💥😀 ( your post made me smile!)


Ha. Funny how runner's high affects the mouth eh?


Yey good for you!!!! Getting stronger and fitter after all that work you've put in. Enjoy the well earned high!!!!! 👏

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Go you!! :) I'm missing runs in the sunshine I must admit, losing my mojo a bit in the winter but trying to keep it up! Can't wait for spring!

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