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WAHOO 5K!!!!!!!!!!

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I am so over the moon as today I ran my first 5k even though I graduated several weeks ago!

You may have seen my last post about suffering with stich. This time I took the advice that was given to me, altering my posture, slowing it down, pushing out my tummy, watching my breathing. I'd also read that carrying a water bottle always on the one side could have an impact so I ditched that today. I still got a stich but I was able to breath it away and it wasn't severe and didn't last long.

I was running so very slowly but I was really enjoying plodding along and when I got to my usual finish point I thought I want to keep going. So I did, then had fun trying to work out where to run to, which road to go down etc. Finally, I got to a point where I was just too tiered and although I wanted to, I couldn't carry on. Thinking I'd not quite made the 5k I was elated when my Garmin told me I had just done it!!!!

It took me 45 mins to run it but I did it and now I can feel every muscle in my thighs. I started out on this journey in mid June so it's been nearly 5 months to get this far but I don't care because I've done it. I just hope I can do it again now LOL ;-)

This forum is awesome, I really don't think I would have stuck with this if it wasn't for everyones support and help & advice. I haven't really told many people that I run as I don't want people to make it a competition ie how far and fast do you go because I do this.... etc Although on here we do discuss distance and time it never feels like we are competing with each other but instead supporting and helping one another and for that I'm really grateful. So a huge thanks to everyone on here you all get a virtual hug (or high 5 if you prefer).

From the girl who never truly believed she would ever be able to run, let alone actualy run a 5k!

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Whoo hoo! High fives and hugs all around!! Feels special to hit that 5k - well done. Sounds like some new routes are in order - it's always fun to make those choices on the fly

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Well done! 5k feels like a distant dream at the start doesn't it? Can't imagine how good it must feel to actually getting there! And now you've done it, of course you can do it again!

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Well done!

Great to have reached that 5k - stick with it! That's just the start!

There will always be some people who run further or faster than we do. I met and ex-colleague the other day who mentioned in passing that he was aiming for 1h15 in the half-marathon he was running that weekend! That's awesome running, but you don't need to be doing that, or anything like it, to get all of the enjoyment and benefit out of your runs.

There was a post earlier in the week that I really liked. It said something like:

Finishing last is better than "did not finish", which itself beats the hell out of "did not start".

That's the rule to live by! Finish your run, and if you can't finish it, at least start it!

Excellent running- keep it up!


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Brilliant Sezza - great feeling isn't it!

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Well done, hoping my knee feels better soon so I can get to 5k!

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Awesome !!!! Well done to you, great feeling isn't it πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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Well done! A great achievement & really who cares about the time it took? The important thing is that you did it. If you want to you can work on the pace once you get used to covering that distance. I've got 2 close work mates who are runners - much quicker than me - and another one who is a speedy half marathon runner. Sometimes their talk of times & training can get me down a bit because they are much quicker than I will ever be but then I remember how far I've come in the last 18 months & how much I enjoy running. This forum is a great motivator/kick up the bottom/comfort/humorous way to keep going.

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