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Soggy balls & damp run

Early this morning hit a few balls of tennis with Gary S, and was hoping it would remain dryish while we played but the forecast was out and it rained!😖 so got soggy balls😱 So gave up early on that and we went for a run which lasted under 30 mins as Gary hadn't run for about a month due to bad chest infection, but he did OK apart clearing the excess mucus from his chest (I wondered why my shoes were green afterwards😕 lol) so the short run should have done him some good...

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Euuugh! you guys know how to have fun don't you?


Yuck!! Good to hear you went for a run, but possibly a wee bit too much information on the state of Gary's bronchial secretions! 😉


soggy balls.... I'm sure there is something you can take for that ;)

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