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Restarting C25K - slowly but surely?

I'm planning to restart the programme after a long break over the summer months spent doing other things (walking, gardening, etc). I'm planning on doing a C25K week every calendar week and a half, so running every 4 or so days. Can anyone see any obvious problems with this apart from obviously not increasing fitness as quickly as I maybe could?

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No problem at all. You seem to have the will and the confidence. You will do it.


If you want to use the programme for some structure, by all means. But you may not need to... it sounds as though you have kept active and you may not have lost much fitness or belief in your capability of running for 30 minutes continuously.

The notion of 'weeks' is only a handy reference anyway... all it is talking about for most of the programme is 3 successful repetitions of a podcast with a minimum of a day's break between each outing.


Thanks for your encouragement! I'm just back from my first run (W1R1). The runs were OK, but I was pretty tired come the last one. Looks like I need to build up my stamina again. And I'd forgotten just how wet your feet can get when the grass is covered in dew!


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