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W7 done - bring on W8!

After W7R2 which was too fast, I had a very strange 3rd run yesterday. First off I have had a cold for the past few days so there was plenty of sniffling throughout the run. Then I couldn't get my music loud enough which I find really annoying. About 6 mins into the session I got to my first road junction and couldn't cross without stopping/jogging on the spot so I just changed my route. After that my calves started to feel rather tight for the rest of the run (is there any reason for this?) - thankfully it wasn't too painful and I just carried on regardless.

I finished it though - managed not to go too fast - really looking forward to the 28 mins of week 8!

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You finished it though, which is the name of the game. Job done!

Forget that one and line up the next run.

Your calves could be tight for a whole host of reasons. Maybe you were just anxious as the run was not panning out in the way you'd hoped. Tension really affects the body and you can feel the tension pulling up those calves! So, relax. Chill out and enjoy the run. Slow jog is all that's needed. If I start getting tightness in my legs and do a series of swift butt kicks as I run. Maybe six or seven in quick succession

Anything you can do to improve your calf strength will make you a better runner. The feet, ankles, calves, knees, upper body, arms all take a battering so it makes sense to do all you can to toughen everything up. Balance exercises will also help ! I do a warm-up in the house before setting off for the warm up walk. Always do the cool down walk and post run exercises at home. Stretch out those calves! I do heel drops and calf raises as a minimum

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