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How long is it before people stop saying happy new year!

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Hey Guys

Thought I'd just pop in to say hello. Birdy Rose has told me how much you lot have been looking after her.

I've continued with the running and for most of December I ran the 30mins 3 times a week. Excluding an injury scare (it was a bit of cramp) and a bad dose of the flu.

I have been running regularly with Birdy Rose now. And last week I started to bridge to 10k.

The program I'm using is slightly different.

Last week I ran 4 X ten runs with minute break

This week im running 3 X 15 mins runs with a minute break.

The app doesn't have the personally the couch to 5 k had, and I do miss having Jo in my ear helping me along.

This one is just a robot voice telling to me run or to walk.

Still I'm getting really lost in the music and loving the running.

Birdy and I were chatting on the wall back to the van, how if you ask us this time last year if I would have given up smoking and started running I would have just laughed in your face.

Well I hope you are all ok and January is treating you well



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Happy New Year, Doozer. Hope it’s happy and healthy for you both. Great work on keeping up the running ! Keep us posted on the 10k journey x

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Happy New Running Year to both of you.......... twelve months can make so much difference..........where will you both be next year?

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Happy new year (I think it’s still allowed)

You’ve done an amazing job... have fun on that road to 10k.

Happy running together.

Happy New Year and keep on running. 👍🏽

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Good to see you, Dooze. Well done for cracking on with bridge to 10k: that plan sounds good as I am finding 5k really hard at the moment (as it takes me 40+ minutes) so running to time targets rather than km will suit me better I think. I did parkrun last Saturday then accidentally ran another 5k on Tuesday and am still not quite recovered! Glad all is going well, and Happy New Year to you too 👍

Hi Doozer, I generally say happy new year to anyone I have not talked to since the start of the year. That could be in Feb, June or even November. The later it gets, the stranger is the response from long lost friends.

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