My Running Week

So here we are again another week done and dusted. Not lots to report really, extended my run on Monday to 7.4 km in 43.48, which I was pretty happy with, Wednesday was interval day as per usual, hard as always but they are not supposed to be easy. Today's run was pretty awful, I know Laura always said there would be bad runs but todays was horrible. Nothing would settle in place, not my breathing or feeling of moving a bit better, only thing I can put it down to and I know there's probably no rhyme or reason to it (according to Laura) was that I gave blood yesterday evening. Here's hoping that Mondays run which is going to be 8km is going to go well.

Thanks for reading and keep on running.

2 Replies

  • Blimey Mat, of course giving blood will knock you off your stride -you just lost a pint of haemoglobin, so your blood can't carry the same amount of oxygen as usual. Give yourself a massive pat on the back for being able to run at all and cut your self a bit of slack -it takes 4-6 weeks to replace your donated red cells so expect the next few runs to feel tougher than usual. Good luck :)

  • ahhh that could be why then ;-)

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