Week 6 R2

Closest I've come to a DNF. I've had a few issues that have messed my running about. A week off after week 5 due to shin pain then family visits and work commitments which has really messed with my ability to get going every other day. So week 6 run 2 and I did find it difficult. Due to undertake R3 tomorrow if I really don't get there I might do week 6 again, or if I finish but really struggle do R3 again on Friday to round my week off and start week 7 Monday. Its not the end of the world considering that I was four and a half stone overweight and hadn't done any sustained exercise for 20+ year since seven weeks ago. I'm surprised how well I've done. I live in a town house and can happily bound up and down the three flights of stairs without loosing my breathe now, I've lost three inches off my waist measurement and have a lot more energy in general (except Monday nights when I'm always in bed by 9.30!!!) We'll see how it goes.

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  • Sounds like you're doing great! Week 6 is a tricky one and you may find you manage better once you can settle into the longer runs. Good luck!

  • don't worry about repeating - it is best to go at your own speed. I repeated weeks 5 and 6. Then after a late summer holiday and a summer cold i went back to week 6 to build up again. Just completed w9r1 - you can do it!

  • Thanks, you're so close to graduation. I'm definitely getting there, that is my goal :-)

  • W6R1 was the closest to a DNF for me, but I somehow managed to power through it. As others have said though, there's no harm in repeating a week if you just can't manage it no matter how hard you try. It's all exercise, so it's all good!

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