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Improving from 5km

My last post I mentioned that I had a hernia and got some great advice. My GP said I could run and I have done my two best paces at 30 minute runs (9.01 and 8:47 km/hour). I've also done my best 5km run, it took me 45 minutes 48 seconds.

What I'm planning on doing is two 30 minute runs a week and on a Sunday increasing my distance by 0.5km a week. So today's run will be 5.5km. With a view to being able to do a 10km run in the spring. I like listening to my own music or suggested playlists for running and using Map My Run to tell me my distance and speed. How does my plan sound?

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Sounds safe and challenging! I gave myself a sore knee by pushing myself after graduation, so sticking to 3 X 30 mins this week. Next week will increase by 10%. 10 K would b my long term goal 😀


Thanks Joolieb1

I've just done my 5.5km which is the furthest I've run and also my pace was 9:04 km/hour which is my fastest pace for a run of 5km of more.


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