Week 9 (!!!!) Spin 1

Here at last, and there's not much to report. I kept it steady, started a bit slow (what's new?) and then just kept grinding away for 30 minutes. I was pretty steady except when I had to get back on the bicycle when I fell off out of surprise that the USA managed to score a try (they didn't play badly, actually - just no match for Scotland). No numb feet, no "hills", and some patches where it wasn't too difficult. For my efforts I burnt about 500 calories.

Hah! Onward and upward.


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  • Well done - nearly there now Gary! I've got two runs left as well. So near to graduation I can almost taste it!πŸ˜€

  • Oops. Something went wrong with my reply. So here goes again. Thanks, and enjoy that graduation. It really is close.

  • Great stuff Gary πŸ˜€ Enjoy and well done

  • Thanks Dawn. I think maybe it was a bit more enjoyable today. Actually I've just remembered that out of a certain otherwiseness I actually spun along for 31 minutes instead of 30.

  • Fab stuff Gary. What are you planning to do afterwards?

  • One of the naughtier plans is to slowly start accumulating a few incredibly slow parkrun runs (running is forbidden, but if I do it rarely, most of the harm should be reversible).

    I had intended to go over to intervals on the spinning cycle, and maybe mixing in some rowing with it, but for now I think I'll just keep adding very slowly to the duration of my spins till I'm doing maybe an hour at a time. I've dropped the intensity a bit, so I'll go for more stamina.

    That plan will probably change yet again next week.

  • Sounds like a plan!

  • I caught a bit of that game, America wasn't half bad.

    I am very sorry but I am smirking about the bit of falling off your bike as America scored.

    However great work 500 calories is good.


  • It was quite a shock, as you can imagine. :-) Yes, a lot of the smaller unions are playing better rugby this World Cup. I think on the day any one of them can shock the scary monsters of world rugby like Japan did to SA. Maybe they should first have a kind of "junior league" world cup precursor, where more of the smaller unions play more matches, and earn places in the World Cup that way. That's another thing that rugby has over just about any other sport: Lower level rugby can be as entertaining (or even more so) as top level rugby, because it's less about skills and more about guts. Low level tennis is never going to be close to being as entertaining as Wimbledon, simply because that's many just a skills contest. To a lesser extent that's true of football, too (but there the guts portion of the game has increased). School rugby, on the other hand can be fantastic. Going back to the World Cup level, a "second division" Rugby World Cup could often produce more exciting rugby than the "first division" does, just because of the nature of the game.

    Oh one more thing. Someone was saying the other day that soccer is a game where the players pretend to be injured, whereas rugby is a game where the players pretend *not* to be injured. Case in point, our captain in the Samoa game. He carried on playing with a broken jaw (trying to get away with it, I suppose). He's been sent home now, though.

  • Nice one Gary, you're doing great :)

  • Thanks. I wonder if I shouldn't cross train with aqua-jogging now. (Just a thought I've had during the previous hour). Spin, aqua-jog, ... and start adding low impact other stuff.

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