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W8R1 -done but hard work

Any tips on how to get limbs flowing first thing in the morning? Don't know whether early morning runs suit me as my legs felt like blocks of wood all the way round today. My other two runs in the week are early evening after work which seem easier as I've had all day to loosen up a bit but I need to do this run first thing to fit it in. I did the 5 minute walking warm up but am confused about stretching as I hear mixed messages about stretching before runs. Having said that I did get all the way round without stopping so week 8 run 1 achieved even with stiff legs! 😊

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I look forward to reading the other replies because prior to a recent injury I used to love my morning runs. Since my calf tear, running in the morning has not really worked for me (!), although I do hope in time to get back to it. I think stretching after a run is more important than before as long as you are still warming up properly, However, personally, I always used to do a few stretches before heading out on my warm up walk.

Early morning runs are so beautiful and really set you up for the day I think. Later runs are great for destressing!!


How true! It was beautiful out this morning running as the mist was rising, the sun was shining and it was so peaceful. Maybe the stiffness is due to the intensity of the runs now and my body has got to get used to this new phase rather it it being to do with mornings. Maybe I need to move more around the house before I start the run rather than run cold straight from bed as it were!


I always like to run first thing and generally only do a bit of lunge walking and hopping around before I go. These ageing bones always feel stiff when I get up, but once I get the gear on and have done the warm up walk I'm good to go. May just be the longer runs affecting your muscles now - I always, always stretch out afterwards.

Good luck with the rest of the programme - nearly there now!


Thanks Ullyrunner , i will give the lunge walking and hopping around a go! I might give myself a two day rest as well to give my shins time to recover before the next run. Yes I am nearly there, and so pleased that I can now run almost like a proper runner! 😉


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