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I am on week 8 and I have only very recently discovered this forum. I wish I had done so earlier since I have already found some useful tips. I have never been an athlete but I was moved to take up C25K by my wish to join and amaze my sons, when they visit, in taking part in the local Parkrun. Since normal retirement age is in the far distance for me, and from the wrong side, it’s quite an ambition. If I manage it at all, I hope to complete it before the timekeepers have gone home. I have found the programme surprisingly effective and running for 28 minutes today wasn’t too bad, except for the first bit as always. Unfortunately, my phone wouldn’t connect with Laura today and I had to use the timer but the continuous view of the time remaining was quite encouraging.

My running is a bit flat-footed and I need to connect the heel first more positively, though my calves don’t like it. Any mention of speed is a bit embarrassing but I need to have an idea of pace for a very slow 5K. My other question is about clothes. It will be getting colder and I shall need warmer coverage. Anything like compression leggings is entirely inappropriate and would cause mirth in the streets. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Austen! If you are on week 8, you will manage parkrun no problem! I'm sure your sons will be amazed and incredibly proud.

Don't worry about trying to heel strike - current advice has moved away from recommending that in favour of landing on the mid foot. Have you equipped yourself with proper running shoes, it might make a difference? If you get your gait analysed at a good running shop they may be able to recommend shoes that would counteract that feeling of flat footedness.

As far as clothing is concerned, the guys are better placed to advise - but most of them seem to have overcome their initial reservations about running tights. You never know...

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Grrr blooming site, just lost my reply ...

Firstly well done on reaching week 8 :D graduation is just around the corner :) You should sign up for parkrun, get your barcode and give it ago , it is for all abilities ... lots walk or walk/run .no pressure and I am sure if you look at the previosu results you will see a wide range of finish times .. Go on try it :D

I luv my running tights , they are just so comfy ( I am 58 this year) you can wear shorts over the top if you wish , you can also get running bottoms not elasticated at the ankle if you prefer :)

I am sure your sons will be more than impressed with you :D often taking those initially steps in week 1 is the hardest but you are well on your way now ....

Good luck with your remaining runs and look forward to reading your graduation post , once again well done to you :)


Welcome to the Forum. You can still carry on after graduation so there is lots of time to share ideas! I am graduating on Saturday (so on week 9) so I can run for 30 minutes. I did try a couple of 5K distances in week 7 which was a bit silly but I avoided injury. I am pretty slow and steady and did this in 43 minutes. I am planning to finish with a 5K event on Saturday and will expect to be ok doing it, might even speed up a bit due to peer pressure. Julie


Hi and welcome. It sounds like you've got a few years on me, but I'm knocking on a bit myself.

In the winter I wear Ronhill Classic Trackster pants

They are reasonable in price (12:50 from this link), but most importantly, they are a looser fit than running tights. I much prefer them. Make sure that you look for the "Classic" version. Other trackster variants can be tighter.


Wow ! Well done....the parkrun timekeepers won't go home until you've finished, regardless of how long it takes, so don't worry about that. I like to wear a skirt/dress over my capris/leggings to maintain a modicum of modesty. Do keep us posted on how the parkrun goes, I'm sure your sons will be VERY proud of you.


Welcome Austen! Great to have you here. Well done on getting so far, graduation is just around the corner. When you are ready go ahead and try Parkrun and get ready to amaze your sons - I'm sure they would be very proud of you! Look forward to your future posts. :-)


HI -- You have just reminded me of why I started running 18 months ago - there were a number of reasons , but one of them which I had largely forgotten about was that my daughter -in-law announced that she was going to run in a 5K funrun - and I thought that one day , I MIGHT be able to do it with her !! :) Since then I have run over 1800 klms - and I turn 69 next month.


Really, don't worry about pace - it's just not relevant. Run at a pace that is comfortable for *you*. And ully is right about heel striking - unless it feels natural and easy for you ignore Laura's advice on that and try to land mid-foot with your foot landing in line with your body. Although, again, just do whatever feels right for you!

Well done on getting to wk 8 and please give parkrun a go - the timekeepers don't go home until the last person has gone through the finish line, (most parkruns have a tail-runner to make certain everyone is accounted for) - there is no time limit and the last one in usually gets the biggest cheer!


Men don't wear running tights cos they look good, or cos they like to be laughed at, they wear them because they are the most comfortable thing to run in when it's cold. I have several pairs, but those from aldi are as good as any. If you don't like compression tights, then how about a long pair of shorts and compression socks? Go along to parkrun as a spectator and see what other people run in, though as long as you are comfortable it really doesn't matter. If you do go you'll see that loads of people wait for the last person to cross the line, so pace really doesn't matter.

Oh and well done for getting to wk 8 on your own. That's something to be proud of in it's own right.


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