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Toughest parkrun

Toughest parkrun

Set out to my local Parkrun at 8.10am in the drizzle, did quick 5min walk to tram stop, boarded tram at 8.17, reached destination at 8.27 which is at the park, did a few stretches, met a few nice people, a couple of which I'd met previously at another Parkrun. Anyway, the weather was blustery, as we set off, and the course went into woodland and elevated through twisty paths then coming to a big hill, the biggest I had encountered on a Parkrun, and of course for me was very tough and had to slow right down to a walk, I wasn't going to knock myself out for that at the moment!

Then it levelled out and was down hill mainly to the finish, only that was not the finish for me, as had to do another circuit for 5km, so had to do it all again, and this time going round the heavens opened and it poured down! Never mind I had my hooded running jacket on for the first time, so saved me a soaking.

About a km from the finish the acquaintance I'd mentioned earlier ran back to me to give some supportive chat which was welcome, (he had already completed 3 circuits of the course) and got me to sprint to the finish line posing for the camera, but I was way back down the field, but with the challenging hilly course which is the toughest in my area, it was enjoyable, and will be doing it on a regular basis, so that hill should do me some good, eventually... see photo..

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Well done. I am a beginner and reading your post and others like it are really inspiring.

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Good on you. Sounds like a tough one. It poured down at my Parkrun as well this morning. Luckily no hills at mine though!


Ooft that sounds like a toughie. Well done.

My most local PR also has a hill you have to tackle twice. I'm avoiding it.........

Much respect for a hard run! ☺


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