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Will never be able to run 5k in less than 45 min but still very happy with this.

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I think I managed my first parkrun <40 minutes but that was a one off. Since then I have averaged 45 mins. Yesterday I finished the City of Birmingham 10K in one and half hours. I think they were packing up when I crossed the line :-)

My friend Ellen was determined not to leave me behind and spent a lot of the time running on the spot just so we could finish together. This running business lets to you find great friends.

I admit I took walking breaks but hey-ho I had to take time to enjoy the lovely Sutton Park.

Two things I noticed as I went round. If I decided to give a hill a go - I wanted to walk at the top. Also, if someone shouted out words of encouragement I wanted to stop and walk. Reverse psychology in my case I suppose.

Anyway, thanks to this C25K programme and the Boldmere Bullets I made it! And don't I feel good.

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You enjoy running and u r active, fit and healthy. Well done, keep having fun and don't worry about the time!! Julie

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Well done. It was a lovely day for it too.

Sounds great, well done. Don't worry about the time just keep enjoying yourself :)

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Yessss well done. I think that's a very respectable time too!

Great job ☺✔

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Well done - enjoying it is what it's all about!

Your times are spot on the same as mine and like you it dosent bother me in the slightest. The only time I came a bit unstuck was in my HM they had packed up the last water station and I was a bit thirsty but didnt have to wait long till someone handed me a bottle of water. Great photo and times, very well done. And your right running is the gift that just keeps giving.

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Yup - my times are about the same. More important to be out there and doing it than to get hung up on time IMO.

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Never say never, if you keep plugging away at it those times will come down. Have you tried the + podcasts? Yup, there goes Curly boring on about them again!

Congrats on your 10K, that's a good time! Which one are you? I guess in the middle?

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Ah who cares how long it took, you did it! What a brilliant picture and I like the sound of your friend Ellen, that's great that she stayed with you.

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Ah Brilliant photo Moonie, One to treasure for the mantelpiece is that ! :-)

Well done to you all , you did it and that makes you a winner in my book

Hell Yeah ! :-) xxx

What a great photo- well done! Just look at the smiles 😀

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