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The good news, the bad news and the good news!

Thanks for everyone's tips for me last week.

Just done W4R1

The Good News - my new running shoes have cured my knee and calf pain - yay!

The Bad News - the pain has moved up to my pelvis - boo!

The Good News - I completed the runs - focusing not on if I was enjoying it but more on just doing it and trying to improve my technique (trying to change the mindset) and it wasn't raining and I didn't feel like dying at the end - Big yay!

More advice needed please - are there any good websites to look at to learn about running techniques - I think this might help with my aches and pains?

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Jumping in before Rignold :)

Look for doing squats and lunges and pressups. These will strengthen the muscles you use for running and should help avoid injury in future. I'm a big fan of doing these. They have certainly helped me.


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