Running times chart

Having just come back from W1 R3, my son asked me about the lengths for next weeks runs.

This reminded me of a very clever post by LouiseW99 who made a spreadsheet detailing the run and walk durations for each week.

I am reposting the link for everyone who may find this helpful:

Click on the link to the original post and follow the instructions to view/download the chart.

Thank you to Louise for making this. I found it a good resource early on in my journey.

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  • Thank you batman

  • Hey, no problem. I'm Batman.

  • There is another downloadable Visual C25k which I used to tick off the sessions:

  • Thanks for sharing. Not seen this before! Look how far we've come!! Hope w8 r2 went well tonight :-)

  • This was weird- I had just been trying to add up how many minutes of running I had done- thank you!

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