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Doing well

The knees are no longer sore so a bit more rest must have helped. I walked instead of ran, then yesterday ran (w2r2 yet again) with no knee trouble.

As recommended by others, am taking it slowly and gently (sometimes running slower than walking!), running on grass, listening to my body, stretching. Just beginning to do some lunges but not sure I'm doing them right. Will check. Will move on to week 3 when I feel ready.

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Be careful with those stretches -- it is commonly accepted now that we should not "stretch" cold muscles - there is always a danger with stretching that we can overdo it and cause damage . Personally I don't do any stretching :) I just run - and walk! :)


This sounds a lot more positive.

It is so hard to say in response posts, 'Oh, don't worry - it will get better as the weeks progress, you just wait and see...' because for some it won't. I have no idea what level of fitness or health issues a person may have. I am lucky, the weight and health issues I have had have not impacted me as much as I feared and I have made good progress but it is not a given. BUT and it is a big but, I am not without some issues and the fantastic programme got me to running 5k the other evening.

As the weeks go on, I see people see posting exactly the problems I had at around the same time just as I continue to post and others advise me. This makes me really believe this programme to be absolutely fantastic, especially when it is put into practice by people who, like you, have made that decision to stand up and make a change and put in some quite monumental effort.

So despite my qualms, I am going to say, it will get better, you will get better.

You will get better at your own speed but I imagine that the troubles that niggle you now will pass - probably only to be replaced with new ones as you push to new goals but even they will pass eventually.

The long term positives far outweigh the short term negatives (though my knees this morning would quite happily argue that point and possibly win).

Keep doing what you are doing. Keep posting. Keep positive.

Trust me, I'm batman.


Well done! My knees do ache but feel they recover after a rest day and being 51 and pretty inactive most of my life, they are entitled to groan! I feel now I have done week 5, I pretty much take rest days and hope this will help me to keep going. I try to run on grass too but sometimes it's so uneven, still, it has more bounce I guess!


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