C25K & Parkrun

ok, Poppypug as convinced me to do this. This is what C25K did for me & Park Run.


Scroll down to park runner of the week, introducing HussainBoltz.

Have a good park run everybody or just a run, take care and stay healthy!

PS: I couldn't run 800 meters before xmas and lost 4 stone last year, hope this spur people on.

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  • Oooh look ! Ha ha ! :-)

    Well done ! You should be very chuffed with that , you're a proper racing snake and all round good egg ! :-) xxxx

  • cool !

  • Glad you posted this. It will encourage others

  • Wow, you look soooooo cool. Like enjoying a romp in the park chasing butterflies. Congratulations on your achievements.

  • Hmm Poppypug has a lot to answer for!

    But seriously well done, the only mentions I get in the newsletter are my occasional funny quips about other people not trying hard enough if they can stroll past me holding a perfectly coherent conversation!

    Its great to read these posts, it really helps the rest of us keep going, thank you

  • You deserve a pint of Guinness! or 2! you must be sick of the sight of coffee😁

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