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Week 8 and holiday

So week 8 was undertaken on holiday in beautiful forest. What amazing runs....and this morning, I felt so good that I carried on until Mabel said 5k. Not sure how I did that but I felt sooo good. Time .....37.37. Not sure if that's fast or slow but who cares, I ran for that long, when 8 weeks ago, I couldn't run for a minute!!!!!

Week 9 commences soon and hopefully graduation.

From a happy, smiley Jules.😄😄😄

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I'm becoming increasingly interested in times and distances, but this is more a matter of seeing whether I'm progressing, and if so, how much than anything else. If history is anything go by, I should never become fast. And that needn't be the point. (Well not entirely, anyway.)

I'm going to do Run 1 of Week 7 tomorrow morning in a Parkrun, and then if there's anything left in my legs I want to try and run the whole way (ie continue running when Laura says I can stop if I like). The time matters, the distance matters, but just as a progress indicator.

So now you know why you monitor and mention your times and distances, but still honestly don't care about them! :-)


Sounds great to me, I'm struggling with my 25 mins at mo, sat looking at the beach bathed in sun thinking I really should go and do run2 of week 7, but my calves are really tight from walking up steep hills and I'm not sure I could actually run? I might have my cuppa and go try?...or leave it til tomorrow morning...

Trouble is its so hilly round here that it's hard to find somewhere to run that is flattish...but I don't want to lose what I've gained by not running for two weeks...arghhhhh

Anyway, I'm waffling, well done Jules ....great achievement xxx


Thanks Bee. I think I was lucky where we were. It was flat ish and I have been there before so I knew where I was going. I was only way for a week too.

Just do what you can and don't beat yourself up. Think where you were a few weeks ago and what you can do now.

It will fall into place just keep going.

Enjoy your holiday, I'm sure it's a well deserved rest so make the most of it.

Jules xx

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Hey Jules, you inspired me to get off my Harris, and just go for it.....I stopped at 12 1/2 mins to chat to a lady I'd been chatting to in a FB group( recognised her and thought I'd better stop to say hi) so it wasn't non stop today but I think he hills made up for it hahahaha, I thought I was about to die....

It'll be interesting to see how much 'fitter' I feel at the end of 2wks and another 3/4/5 runs ( depending of weather, what we are up too.

Mwah 💋

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Well done Bee. That's fab. Any running is better than none so just fit in whatever.

The hills sound a nightmare. if uou can manage them though should help with the rest of the programme.

Mwah to you too 😘

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Well done on your run. That's a good time for a first 5k- almost exactly the same as mine and I was delighted! Not long to go until graduation. Time to start making plans..... :)


Thank you AM. I have been looking at the + podcasts this morning.

Feels weird that I will be graduating this week. Can't believe how quick the weeks have gone.

Good to know re time as I have no idea what the norm is.




That time is very similar to my first 5k which I didn't manage until a few weeks after graduating so I salute you. Most importantly, it sounds like you are really enjoying it. Keep going, taking it steady and you are going to do fab ☺

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I love it. That feeling when you suddenly realise you are running easily is amazing.

Be sad to finish the course really as it has become part of my routine

Jules x


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