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I'm tough and I'm rough!!

Why tough?? Well last week, I ran the most Kms in a week that I have ever done - 35 KLms - AND most of it was done early mornings under really COLD ( for me ) 3 degrees C conditions.

Why rough?? Wife and I were camping with a bunch of friends in the dry dusty grounds of the Tara camel races - and , as such things necessitate, there was a daily 4PM "happy hour" involving the use of much red wine to attempt to offset the pain of camping overnight in such freezing conditions.

This is what C25K has brought me to!!!

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Haha happy camping Bazza :D


Sounds like a wonderful camping trip, and the camel races sounds fun to watch. 35 km? Wow, Bazza, that is some serious mileage you're doing. Impressive!


Well - it's not as "tough" as it looks :) 5K of that was supposed to be done on the last day ( Sunday) of the preceding week's plan - but life interfered with that and so I did that 5K on the Monday of last week - hence my 4 days per week "plan" became 5 days that week!! :)

I am following a plan for the next couple of months that eventually takes me out to 40K per week over 4 days. Only two days of those 4 days are moderately hard - I now have a personal policy that I run all distances up to and including 5K non-stop - and anything over 5K , I use run/walk at a fairly low ratio. So I am doing a weekly Parkrun non-stop at a tempo pace (and sometimes faster ) ,and a longrun up to 20K ( currently at 13K) as the two moderately hard runs , and a shorter "longrun" building up to 9K and a 6K "recovery run" .

The longer runs aren't all that difficult using run/walk - and I am finding that I can do it at around the pace that I do when I run non-stop long. I can run 6:30 pace reasonably easily at up to 5K - but I seem to slow considerably for longer distances when running non-stop. So - I enjoy run/walk over these longer distances and find it to be quite tolerable :)


That's cold even for a Brit! Did you beat the camels|?


Sounds as though the cold suits you as far as running is concerned - or maybe it's the wine!


Sounds great fun and I love the camel pic too... Well done Bazza!!


Camels. Brrr. Their teeth freak me out. I bet they run fast too - I'd speed up if I had one of them behind me.

I'm most impressed my your weekly mileage - it'll be a while before I get to that level.


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