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Monday morning run and a new route to boot. I knew it would be tough, there are a lot more hills than in my normal route, and I did have to walk at a couple of points (first time since week 6!) but as they say here in Italy 'che ne me frega' (who cares!) 11 weeks ago I wouldn't even have contemplated trying the route.

It's also the first time I have measured distance. 5km exactly, 41.18 mins including the 5 min warm up walk (but not cool down) so I'm most chuffed with that. Next goal...get round those hills without stopping, looking forward to it already...kinda!!

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It's good to walk up steep hills it really is. Don't feel miffed about it. It's better to walk than get hurt. Take care on the downhills too and keep yourself under control. Stick your elbows out help with balance

Conquering hills is hard, and takes a lot of puff and fitness, so you have to build gradually. Don't overdo it will you! Good lass

Conquering a particular hill in small chunks is a good plan. If you have room you can "chop" your way up a hill, which means you zigzag up it. I don't know if it's all in the mind but it seems to make it less onerous somehow


brilliant, and hills are TOUGH!! dont feel bad about walk breaks..hills are also great training too...well done!


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