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What is the best measure of distance?

Just another question that I think I probably know the answer to, but I just want to check.

I've been running for the past year using endomondo and also the inbuilt distance tracking on the Fitbit app. The two have always recorded slightly different times/distances with endomondo reporting me as being a bit slower than Fitbit, but I've always assumed that endomondo is the most accurate.

However, I've now bought a Garmin watch and as a test used it alongside Fitbit and endomondo on Friday gone. In my short 22 minute run, my results were as follows:

Fitbit = 3.32k, Endomondo = 3.12k, Garmin 2.61k. Whilst there's quite a variation between them, I'm assuming that from now on I should be listening to what the Garmin is telling me, right?

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It matters which smartphone you use for the apps and what Garmin you have. GPS accuracy depends on the chipset in a particular device... I know, too technical, boring stuff, isn't it?


Hi ViaM! I've an iPhone 6 and a Garmin 220. Does that help?


It is an interesting question....I used to use an app called crane connect which works with the hr monitor from Aldi, then bought a Garmin 221 a few weeks ago. I have recently started cycling to work and have used each of them once - the crane connect stated 6.38km, the Garmin 6.09km. When I did park run (have only done them twice) crane connect was slightly over, but only by about 100 metres. I might need to go for a run and put both on to compare again.

Yesterday I did a short run on the road according to garmin 2.7k, I just traced it on and it came out as 2.73, so that's pretty much the same.

Also interestingly, Garmin says I use a lot of calories than the crane connect app - not that I am complaining about that!

I am going to use the Garmin on a proper timed 5k run on Thursday, so will be interested in seeing how close it will be there.

Not sure this helps, but these are my observations....


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