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Bit nervous about my long run today.πŸ˜”

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Today I was worrying about my slow 12k. I don't really know why. Maybe because I've had to bring it forward a day as I'm out tonight on the pop and I wouldn't manage a run with a big head. Maybe cause I ran 7k tempo run yesterday and I slightly missed the times I was aiming for. Maybe I just over thought it. The husband said he'd meet me with the mountain bike in the road section about 8k in. For support. Maybe he didn't quite believe me, maybe I don't quite relieve me eitherπŸ˜’. Every km was tough, lots of gremlins today, but I kept putting one foot in front of the other & I was ever so pleased to see hubbie on the road. I knew I could do it then, and he was absolutely amazed at me, at my pace and the distance id already covered. We made it together. And it was a mare of a run but I did it and I'll be the better for it. Just thought I'd share that with you good folks out there. X

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Put that one in the box labelled "I got through nothing is going to stop me now", and remember to take a peak every now and then.

Onwards, ever onwards.......

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Thanks IT, I'll clock it up to experience. Big glass of prosecco tonight! X

I think you've earned that Prosecco :)

12k is a bloomin' long way. Really well done.

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Thanks goonkeepgoing, and what a great name you have there, bit like me todayπŸƒπŸ˜‚

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I picked the name as encouragement to get me through the programme but I do admit to chanting it to myself still now sometimes - it does make me think of this forum which usually brings a smile to my face and has the desired effect of finding a bit more energy from somewhere :)


Great distance that... Hope you kept fuelled and hydrated... But wow it's a good feeling when you complete one of those.

he sounds like a very supportive husband, well done to you sounds like you did really well to keep on going, and its lovely to impress the hubby too! 12k is a LONG way!! :)


Well done Sparky, fantastic , 12k is a marvellous achievement ! :-) xxx

Good for you! It's great when runs just click and feel good, but character shows through when we persevere with the runs that feel hard from the start but that we slog through and finish anyway. 12k is a heck of a distance to run - you should be rightly very proud of yourself (and so should your other half!). Well done. :)


Well done. Big pat on the back due for guts and determination. Glass of prosecco definitely earned!

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