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I've decided to Cheat!

(Seeing as I've advised this, I might as well take my own advice.)

My plan said :

Fri -- 20 min (wk5 r3)

Sat -- go and help at the Parkrun

... etc ... (even if you don't want to Run the Parkrun (because you're "not ready", you could go and help set it up, you know ... )

However, this might even be my 4th iteration of Week 5. I'm becoming much too good at Week 5 (even though finishing today burnt some holes in my lungs). So why not just run 25 minutes on Friday?

Done deal!

Week 6 will now be :

25 min, ("cheat")

5 + 8 + 5

10 + 10

25 min (in a Parkrun)

and then Week 7 is roughly the same? Time to move on a bit!

I suppose the ultimate "cheat" will be to announce my "graduation" if I manage to add another 5 minutes to that 25. Probably if you add up all the time I've spent on this, I'm pretty close to having done 9 weeks of it already, anyway, so really all this would be is "another path to Nirvana". We'll see! Call me out when the time arrives, if I'm cheating for real.

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That's a lot of sums but ultimately it looks like you are enjoying running? Well done :)


:-) Lots of calculations, but really the one that matters the most is that I've been hanging around on Week 5 for a long time, now, so I'm more than ready to just jump straight to the end of Week 6 (and then back to the beginning) ... Hmm ... I seem to be calculating again.

Yes, that's the most amazing thing about this: I actually enjoy it. Reading through these posts, I see a lot of people get surprised like this.

Thanks for the encouragement.


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