Anniversary Games

I have the Anniversary Games on BBC3 on the TV right now and I'm getting just a little emotional. Back in 2012 I hadn't run a single yard. Back in 2013 I took my first steps and over the course of the last 12 months and living just a 20 minute train ride away, I've had the privilege to run eight different events at the Olympic Park including last Sunday when I actually ran on the track itself. I still have to pinch myself and all of this because of Laura, Couch to 5k, some determination and even "You and Julie".

Just incredible this running business.....


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  • Hiya Rob! I know just what you mean! amazing isn't it! I was at the run last week but rather than running (id left it too late to enter) I was minding my friends 3 children so that she could run. Her husband had double booked himself and rather than her not run I volunteered my services! I couldn't arrange to meet anyone because I wasn't sure where I was going to be. It was a fabulous run I believe, all be it hot and a few undulations. It was great to see the stadium and I wish I had been running - next year! Nice to read your post x 😊

  • If I could have found you, I would have loved to have said hello again. Mind you given that it took me an hour to find my own family, I'm not surprised we didn't bump into eachother!

    Great run, but lousy organisation.....

  • I got that impression about the organisation. I would have loved to have seen you again, and I know other c25kers were there but never mind. I'm doing a Womens Running 10k in sept in Brockwell park so am looking forward to that x 😊

  • A few undulations!, I wish, you wait until next year, it was more than a few.

  • Lol! at least I have a year to do some hill training! X😊

  • Lucky you, they weren't steep just lots of them. Don't think rob doing next year but I am. He will be there to support so look out for him. Shame we can't bring the westie though. Oh and a word to the wise, keep hold of mobile and put in running belt (or bra holster) it will help to join up with family after. Wish I had. Rob wasn't kidding about us all meeting up. But then it didn't help that the organisers sent kids somewhere different. They need to sort that out for next year me thinks.

  • The organisation wasn't good. I was in the stadium, my friend who ran the 10k wasn't allowed in-I had the bags and the children! 😳

  • Tried to stop me coming in too but I got in. Entrance D-E not the coloured zones that they said. That's really bad, hope you met up ok. I know how you feel re bags, my son had ours so we couldn't go anywhere. Filled out an online questionnaire, hope they take note.

  • You should go on the Facebook page and let them know about your friend!

  • Feel just the same. I started off the back of 2012 and I just love that stadium. Have tickets for tomorrow - luckily the forecast looks better. It's always good to be able to point out to your mates the bit of track you ran on!!!!

  • You bet it is!! Jealous of you tomorrow but had my moment last week!

  • Ditto! I watched the Paula Radcliffe doc last night and probably wouldn't have even noticed it before getting into this....and 3 of my holiday reads were all about running. It's inspiring knowing how much effort people have put in to get to the level they are, it's all relative I guess! Watching people succeed and having even a little insight into their dedication makes me emotional too :)

  • Here's the incredible thing about running. You get to run in the same race and on the same street/track/field as the biggest names in the sport. Can you do that in football? Cricket? Basketball? No.

    By the way, i know I keep on about it, but I beat Paula Radcliffe once. Honestly - check my biog!

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