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Lovely run this morning

I got up super early this morning - 5.15am - it was a bit of an effort but so worth it. The weather was perfect. Clear air, sun just warming up and a gentle breeze. I ended up doing 8km and felt great. Such a difference to recent efforts where the humidity has been very uncomfortable. It was only a few degrees cooler but it made a massive difference. That early start set me up for the day. I must admit to feeling smug when I got to work at 8am knowing that I had had such a good run before hand

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That sounds a great run Sharon. Feeling smug is such an underrated feeling isn't it? Ha ha!


You're so right!! That smug feeling is almost as good as the run :)


I'm so with you on that one. I just can't do it in the evenings and being as I work, early mornings it has to be.

And it's about the best thing to be smug about :-) xx


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