From Parkrun pathetic to 10k terrific

Well I did it, didn't get lost and achieved a personal best. I was expecting my 10k to be 2.00 and I did it in 1.40. Started in the pink wave, which was the last wave and slowly but surely kept going until the end. I wasn't expecting to get so emotional at the sight of the inside of the stadium but I did. Glad I did it and signed up for next year. Bad trains, threats of rain, severe hills and the heat didn't stop me! Still can't believe my time. Now for a well earned sit down


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  • Baileyb is seriously underestimating her effort here. We both took part in the Great Newham London Run. It tours the Olympic Park and finishes on track, inside the stadium. Today was tough, I mean real tough. It must have been 26 degrees or more. There was no wind and the course had hills. Lots of hills. Not long steep hills, but they just kept coming at you. Goodness knows how many competitors there were, perhaps as many as 12 thousand and the place was jam packed. Given that each competitor had two tickets for supporters to sit in the stadium, you can imagine the noise from the crowd as we entered it.

    I've run around the Olympic Park many times in the past, but this was something else. Finishing on that straight' on that track with that crowd made it pretty special and I won't forget it in a hurry. My time? 1h06. Not my best, but the best I could do today.

    But Baileyb? To knock one-sixth of your PB in one go? C25K look what you've done! You've gone and turned my wife into a runner! I am seriously proud right now!

  • You should be proud - 20 minutes off a PB is fantastic. It was very very hot out there today, well done to you both.

  • Thankyou

  • OMG.. entering that stadium sounds like a scene from The Hunger games!! :) Well done - you are all great!

  • You should have seen the flames on her running kit.....

  • :0)

  • wow Baileyb thats fantastic, you must be SO pleased! enjoy a well eraned rest tonight :)

  • I will, thankyou

  • just read you're hubby's race report! Wow sounds a fantastic race and a brilliant result! :)

  • I'm getting better

  • Well done - that is an incredible chunk of time off your expectations! Now put your feet up and enjoy the afterglow! :)

  • I will

  • Congratulations. Brilliant timing. Time to celebrate!

  • Well done Bailey ! Oh that sounds amazing ! Must've been a great feeling entering the stadium !

    Massive Congratulations to you and Rob . To run in that heat is no mean feat and you both should be so proud of yourselves !

    Brilliant post ! :-) xxx

  • Amazing runs, both of you! Congratulations!! And wonderful memories to treasure for ever!

  • Sounds like the perfect race! And with hills at that! Well done, that's a lot of running and a massive PB. What a great feather in your cap.

  • Thanks

  • Great run baileyb, but I think that the original Bailey is going to start getting a bit jealous after his early inclusion on c25k with his master and mistress,

  • He doesn't care just so long as he's with his pack. Would have been there today but he wasn't allowed in stadium at the end!

  • Well done Baileyb - you should be very proud!!! I was in the pink wave and after 5k had to change to run/walk for a couple of k as I thought my face was going to explode with the heat. I am a little bit disappointed as I had done 8k+ a few weeks ago and it was my first official 10k. However it was really hot and so that or not be able to run at the end - and who would have missed running into the stadium. I did the first one post 2012 too and it is very emotional. Mind you I got a bit tearful just walking through the gates to watch the Athletics at the Olympics. Am going to sign up for the 10k in Hyde Park in October and hopefully make it all the way, Well done again Linda

  • Be proud, you made it and in today's heat and those hills it wasn't easy. My problem was my hands really went puffy in the heat, next time will take off rings before I run. It was my first official 10k too but won't be the last. Signed up for next year! It was quite something seeing the mature fella running with an Olympic torch plus all those costumes. I take my hat off to all of them. I saw a firefighter with all his heavy kit, soldiers running complete with backpacks, even a minion from despicable me!! I find it tough just running!

    Saw and heard Rob cheering me on inside stadium (he'd already finished) but no chance spotting rest of family. Too many people and a little disorganised at the end but I'm sure with feedback they will improve it next year, this was the first one after all. All in all a great day.

    Loved Brendon Fosters advice, start slow then get slower! I listened so really shocked with my time.

    My son going back home to Wales tomorrow and really chuffed he saw me run round stadium.

  • Yes, I saw the firefighter and soldiers. Also as I was run/walking I was doing that leapfrogging thing with a young lad pushing his grandmother in a wheelchair as he run. I think someone else was pushing the granddad further back. I wanted to go and shake his hand at the end but the camera crews had grabbed him.

    What an inspiration you must be to your son.

  • I was overtaken by someone in a Dragon costume and for a time I ran alongside a man in a rabbit suit. It was made of fleecy material! how hot must he have been in there?

  • Oh and NO BLISTERS

  • For those who feel intimidated by their "slow" running take this on board, my kids didn't see their father run over the finish line he was in the middle of a crowd of finishers. I was in the back group and was with a handful of slowies but I was on the big screen where my kids saw me and I beat my personal best. Downside they'd run out of small shirts by the time I got there, needs better planning, good news the bag I got had more than it should have (4 medals!) and more. Couldn't find kids at the end they'd been sent to the wrong coloured section so the organisers need to tweak some things, it was only the stadium part that went a bit wrong. The organisers need to address issues so next year better.

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