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C25K+ Stepping Stones and Flies galore

I thought I'd try the stepping stones podcast today.

Set off on the 10minute 150bpm run and swallowed a fly. Coughing and spluttering while continuing to try and keep the pace up must have been a sight to see. The cattle in the field stared on in wonder at the crazy lady stumbling past them.

I got back into the rhythm and did OK. Moved up to the 155bpm, and all the flys friends had formed a search party and were out to find him. So now I'm running and waving my hands around shouting "Go Away!!!!!!" very loudly. As I round the corner I'm greeted by a couple of gentlemen out cutting their grass and staring at me in the same manner as the cattle.

Then we move up to 160bpm and it is time for the insects of the world to unite in a state funeral for their fallen comrade. I have no idea what my pace was at this time as I could not concentrate on the beat, wave my arms about, shout, concentrate on my breathing, etc. Something had to give.

So if anyone knows of a good insect deterrent that will save me from an arm injury caused by windmilling and may save me from the fun of swallowing any other insects, I would be grateful. 😀😀

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Ha ha! One of the challenges of running in the summer. They must love your perfume! Any standard insect repellent should do the trick. Or one of those little hats with a whizzing fan to keep them away? (I have no idea if such a thing exists but it should).

I get bitten by all sorts at the minute and even had one on the bum last week. Cheeky bu**er!


Oh my, sounds like they like you lol, I have a similar problem, if there's a fly around they will ALWAYS buzz towards me, don't know why.

If you find an answer please let me know too 😀

Hope your next run is less fly plagued 😁


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