Couch to 5K


When I first started all this , I very quickly found "Runkeeper" and used it for the duration of C25K - and used it for quite a long time afterwards. Then it seemed to become slower and slower to use on my phone - and finally when I got to version 5.2.7 for Android, the very next "update" broke it for me - I could no longer get AUDIO CUES - reverting back to 5.2.7 got it going again , but as I said, not so fast!! I have been using it that way for several months now.

BUT - a few days ago, I noticed that the latest version was now - so I completely uninstalled the programme and reinstalled it ( that is, I didn't just simply accept an update , but uninstalled/reinstalled completely)

A complete revelation!!!! It is running perfectly now and seemingly smoother and faster than ever before -- I am a happy chappy again!!!

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ooh! had the same problems, so will give that a try - thanks for the tip!


If you have problems with RK you can contact there help chappies, they're really good.


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