Change of scene

Change of scene

No work today so I drove to the seaside for a change. This is the closest location to me for park run but it's about 7 miles away from home & parking on a Saturday is awful. Those factors & my usual long run day is Saturday mean that I haven't been. This morning though it was l8vely. Cloudy, gentle breeze, sea air. What more do you need? I even took a flask of coffee so I could sit & look at the sea afterwards. Perfect way to start the day.

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  • Jealous! That sounds and looks so lovely :-)

  • It really is. I'm so lucky to have this relatively close to home. Mind you I don't think I would ever be in a position to buy one of those beach huts - they go for about £20k!!!

  • Which coast is it? We used to hire a beach hut in Suffolk for a week every August and it was lovely. Really missing it :-(

  • Kent coast. The beach huts are on the Tankerton slopes. It's a gorgeous spot whatever the weather.

  • What a lovely site for a run! My Saturday run was hot and uncomfortable - I rather wish I'd had yours!


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