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I haven't posted for a while, as I have been concentrating on preparations for my first half marathon. Now it is out of the way and I have settled into a new training routine, I popped back in to Health Unlocked to see what is happening.

So good to see so many of the community that helped me are still here supporting people through this wonderful programme and also great to see so many new graduates and new names starting out.

C25K really is a life changer and has given me the confidence to turn my health around. Promise not to stay away so long in future!

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Hey, welcome back. We've missed you!

Congrats on your first HM.

Will you be giving us a run report? (Apols if you have & I missed it) ☺


Good to see you Old Git, I've missed you too... Keep us posted on the HM training, I hope it's going well??


Thanks Noaky and Juicy Ju.

I did the Humber Bridge 10K (end of May) and Half Marathon (end of June).

Managed the 10K in 55:48 and the Half Marathon in just under 2 hours 5 mins.

I found it difficult to judge the pace for the races, but now have a much better idea of how quick I can reasonably run (maybe a little bit quicker! :-) ).

Really enjoyed taking part, the other runners and spectators were fantastic. It really helped that the races were local and there was lots of support.

Hopefully I will get a few more 10 K's in this year and maybe even a marathon next year!


Blimey, those are great times! Well done to you and you kept those little secrets well! Where are the race reports? I love reading about all the races and what peeps are doing. At least we know you haven't made your way back to the couch!


Hi IrishPrincess, Here's a link to the Half Marathon run.

The weather was perfect, cool with a bit of a wind but it was behind us on the way back which was a relief.

Lincolnshire is renowned for being flat, but the race goes up a one mile incline at mile 9 called Cardiac Hill. This is followed by the climb onto the bridge which is also quite challenging at the end of the race. Pleased to say I had a bit of energy left for a sprint to the finish!

As I am now a member of the local running club, and was wearing a Barton running club vest, there were cheers all along the route south of the Bridge.

I had also run most of the course a few times before the race, so knew what was coming.

Really enjoyed it! Sub 2 hours next time!!


That looks and sounds gorgeous. You have a very steady pace and you can run over water too! Love it. And you've joined a running club! You have been busy OG.


Love the running club! Friends to go running with and show you local routes you didn't know existed.

Out this morning for a 10 mile cross country mud bath!

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So lovely to see you back here,OG. It's been a good day today for the forum, what with posts from your good self and from Runon too. At this rate, who knows, we may even get posts from Miles_Yonder, Aussie and KittyKat007 if we're lucky. Well done with your 10k and HM- fab times :)

Don't be a stranger m'dear, keep posting x


Thanks AM. How are you doing ? Hope that the ankle is strengthening and the swelling has stopped! :-) xx


hey OG :D great to see you are doing so well :D


Thanks Rob :-)


wow old git, what fantastic times! very well done on your 10k and Hm, brilliant! pleased to have you back :)


Congrats on your 10k and HM and nice to see you back! Happy running!


Thanks Lovefood!


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