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Week 3 Run 1

I've been a bit apprehensive about the jump from 90 seconds to 3 minutes, but I did it! Getting the first day of each new week done feels great, because then I know I can accomplish the next two. My pace was slower than last week by quite a long way but I figure as long as I keep moving I'm doing ok.

Today I wished I hadn't had to run up and down so many hills, wish I had a big flat area to run in. I can't avoid running downhill, which means I feel like I should balance it out with uphills, but today I didn't enjoy running some uphill in one of my 3 minute runs! But I did it. I guess it's part and parcel of the experience really.

I'd say I almost definitely found it the hardest so far, but now that I've done it I feel much more confident. Here's how I would rank the runs so far:



W1R2 (Hills!)

W2R2 (Stitch!)





This was also my first morning run before breakfast - I think I enjoy late afternoon/evening sessions more. I need some fuel in my system, and I enjoy winding down from the day with evening sessions.

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Its a great feeling and confidence boost when you start a new week thinking 'OMG its double my last running distance' to 'YAY, I did it!' You gain that extra confidence that the C25K really works and future runs seem less daunting as you feel you'll be ready.

And your hill running too which is much harder too, so your gaining much stronger legs than treadmill runners. I run on uneven ground and know how much small inclines have on your energy levels. But as you say, you cant help the downhills after which sort of level up the energy used over the overall distance.

Well done

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I'm set to run W3R1 today and feeling anxious. How was run 2?


Much, much easier than Run 1 for me! I ran a flatter route, I'm sure that helped, but I was amazed at how much easier it felt! Good luck!


I think distraction is key too - don't count down the seconds/minutes of each run, just think about something else like how your day went or what you're going to do tomorrow. I got myself thinking about something else on Day 2 and each run was over before I knew it! Whereas on Day 1 I was just thinking "This is hard... is 3 minutes nearly up yet...etc" and it was harder.


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