Some winter Orienteering --

Some winter Orienteering --

the snow hasn't arrived yet in the Queensland high country, so it was a bit warmer than expected today. Apparently tomorrow is going to be a different matter.

After a "hardish" parkrun yesterday, I decided to do an "easy" 4Klm Orienteering course which was being held in a beachside park as part of a Fitness Expo. -- and it was FREE!!! The park was 2 klm long so with 26 checkpoints to find, I guess I ran about 6K. It takes me a bit to figure out where all the checkpoints are and then to actually find them - so, as a run, it is quite easy with lots of short runs and stops to scratch my head!! Of course , there are also the keen athletic types who run it HARD and seem to have a magic knack to find these checkpoints while on the run -- but there are also VERY EASY and EASY courses for the children to do and a short 2K course, which my wife did by walking it - so there are people of all types doing the different courses at different starting times.

It turned out to be a nice Qld winter's day - the calm before the storm!! :)

I recommend people have a look at any local Orienteering in their neighborhood -- it's a lot of fun and is good for an "easy" or "hard" day

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  • Oh Bazza. I love that your photo is of a 'winter' day! I'd be on that beach in shorts and a t-shirt! The orienteering sounds like great fun :)

  • Your winter's day look fabulous. I love those clear blue skies whether it's warm or cold - so much more uplifting than grey!

  • Looks like your Winter days are warmer than our Summer days...

  • Sounds like such fun, I will have a look, but I get so lost!!!! Well done :)

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